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4 Aspects to Consider When Purchasing Bucket Teeth

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We are asked a lot "How to choose the right bucket teeth?" and "What is the difference between different types of bucket teeth?". Actually, these questions do not reach the very point, so the answer you got may not be definitive. This article will give you the hint to make a clear question, which helps you purchase the right bucket teeth.

bucket teeth

You can go with the following 4 aspects:


The material and the manufacturing process is the ultimate determining factor that affects the lifetime, strength and efficiency of the excavator teeth. There's a specific example, in manufacturing, the abrasion resistance, related to the service life of the teeth, can be influenced by casting and heat-treatment process.

Wear life

Wear life of excavator teeth varies due to the different materials the teeth deals with. Sand exerts an extreme level of abrasive abuse. The abrasion forces of other substances like rock and dirt is determined by their quartz content. The bucket teeth with a larger wear surface will last longer, saving you the trouble of frequent replacement. This type of teeth

is suitable for loading but not proper for digging or trenching projects.

Impact resistance

High impact resistance is a requirement that must be fulfilled as the excavator generally works at the rock quarry and hard rocky environments. In trenching and digging applications, the excavator teeth will withstand the shocks from extremely hard substances. High impact resistance enables the teeth to maintain their shape and function against forces from all directions.


The surface area of a bucket tooth penetrating into the round determines its efficiency.

A wide or blunt bucket tooth is always less efficient, so it needs the help of extra power to penetrate materials. The main trade-offs for the extra power are usually more fuel consumption and more stress on other parts of the machine.

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