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  • Q What is your business scope?

    There are different production processes required to produce different types of products, such as, vacuum casting, precision casting, and silica soil casting, forging and machining.
    In regards to vacuum casting, the average weight of the parts is between 50 and 250 kilograms. Our standard parts are OEM pieces, new cast buckets and new cast rippers.
    In regards to precision casting, the average weight of our standard products is between 3 and 50 kilograms, such as bucket teeth, bucket adapters, side cutters, lip protectors, etc.
    In regards to silica soil casting, we produce bucket pins and pieces that weigh less than 3 kilograms and focus especially on parts whose weight is below 1 kilogram and have high surface requirements.
    In regards to forging, we make: chain, forged bucket teeth, and construction machinery parts.
    In regards to machining, our main products are cutting edges and end bits. Frequently we also will further process these products by casting and/or forging.
    In a few words, we have the ability to produce forged parts from 0.1 - 30kg and cast parts from 0.1-2s.6t.
    Our material for cast products is Manganese steel, alloy-steel, and stainless steel.
  • Q Can you help us to develop the new parts?

    As long as the new part falls within our production scope and we are provided with drawings and samples, we are able to help to develop new parts.
    Furthermore, we can develop new conceptual parts based on creative ideas. We work from three-dimension design to production.
  • Q Do you have any quality certificate?

    A We have ISO9001, SGS, BV, CE.
  • Q Do you provide samples?

    A Yes, we can offer free samples to professional customers to test in the laboratory or to undergo destructive testing to verify the quality.
  • Q How long to prepare the products?

    A Beneparts maintains a large inventory for popular items which we can ship within 7 days. For OEM/ODM products it may take 30 to 40 days.
  • Q What is our MOQ?

    A MOQ for G.E.T parts is 1 ton at least, because the cost per piece will be increased if the quantity is less than that. Weight is a critical consideration with our products. 
  • Q How long is our warranty?

    Beneparts provides a 1 year warranty for rippers and buckets. Most other G.E.T parts is 1 month against breakage. If any of these parts break under normal working conditions, Beneparts will provide a new part free of charge.
  • Q Do you test goods before delivery?

    We test chemical composition before pouring, while pouring, and after pouring to make sure the chemical composition meets the requirements.
    After heat treatment, we test the hardness.
    For fitment and tolerances we test one by one.
  • Q How is the after sale service?

    A It is our main focus. By mail, we give feedback within 24 hours, and by phone we answer immediately. 
  • Q What are payment methods?

    A Telegraphic Transfer, Letter of Credit, Western Union, Paypal.


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