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How to install the track carrier roller

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Before starting the operation, raise the track links enough to allow the unloading of the carrier roller for easy process. Install wooden blocks between the track links and the frame.



I. Steps of disassembling the supporting wheel


  1. Remove the carrier wheel from the track frame.

  2. Remove the blockage from the cover and drain the oil.

  3. Remove the bolt and cover.

  4. Remove the hexagonal screw and pad.

  5. Pull out the roller from the shaft.

  6. Remove the seal assembly from the roller and bracket.

  7. Use the press and special tools to remove the set from the roller.


II. Order of assembly of the carrier wheel


Before assembling, clean all parts. Replace all O-rings and seal components.


  1. Press the bushing into the carrier wheel.

  2. Install the seal assembly onto the roller bushing.

    Note: Apply clean oil to the seal assembly joints and grease the O-rings of the seal assembly.

  3. Assemble the roller onto the shaft.

  4. Install the pad and hexagonal screw onto the shaft.

  5. Install the O-ring onto the cover, then install the cover and bolt on the roller.

  6. Add oil to the roller from the plugging hole.

  7. Install the plug.


After all the above steps are finished, remove the block and jack, and pay attention to adjust the chain sag to be suitable.



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