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The Purchase and Maintenance of Bucket Teeth

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The Purchase of Bucket Teeth

When you purchase the bucket teeth, the first thing is in what working environment the bucket teeth are used in order to determine what type of bucket teeth are available. Firstly, for digging the earth, looser sand, etc., you should use flat bucket teeth. Secondly, RC type bucket teeth are used for digging hard rocks and LT type bucket teeth are used for digging coal seams. The flat teeth always maintain a sharp surface during the wear process, which reduces the digging resistance and saves fuel.

The Maintenance of Bucket Teeth

1.In the process of using excavator bucket teeth, the outermost bucket teeth wear 30% faster than the innermost ones. After a period of use, you should switch the bucket teeth inside and out.

2.Excavator drivers should pay more attention to the operation of the angle of digging, try to dig when you are mastering, and bucket teeth down digging perpendicular to the work surface, to avoid breaking bucket teeth due to excessive inclination.

3.Be careful not to swing the digging arm from side to side with high resistance, as this can easily cause the bucket teeth and tooth seat to break due to excessive left and right forces, without considering the left and right force design.

4.The wear of the tooth seat is also very important to the service life of the excavator bucket teeth. After 10% of the tooth seat is worn out, it is recommended that the tooth seat be replaced.

5.The Excavator driver's driving method to improve the utilization of the bucket teeth is also very critical, the excavator driver in lifting the big arm try not to collect the bucket, the operation should pay special attention to the coordination of action. Some excavator drivers tend to use too much force in the action of enlarging the arm and sending the small arm to drop the bucket on the rocks, which will break the bucket teeth or knock on the cracks and break the big and small arms.


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