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4F4042 2J3507 5P8250 Cutting Edge Plow Bolts and Nuts and washers

4F4042 2J3507 5P8250 Cutting Edge Plow Bolts and Nuts and washers
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  • 4F4042 2J3507 5P8250

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Product Description

1. Description:

Part No. 4F4042
Description Plow bolt
Measurement: 1''8-UNCX3
Material: 40Cr
Grade: 10.9 or 12.9
Tensile Strength: 150000P.S.I-170000P.S.I
Hardness: HRC 32-42
We are also can make as your drawing.

2. Popular items blow for reference:

Part number Measurement Description
4F3646 1/2"UNC-13X1-1/2" Plow bolt
4F3648 1/2"UNC-13X1-3/4" Plow bolt
4F3649 1/2"UNC-13X2" Plow bolt
4F3650 1/2"UNC-13X2-1/4" Plow bolt
4F3651 1/2"UNC-13X2-1/2" Plow bolt
4F3652 1/2"UNC-13X2-3/4" Plow bolt
1F7958 nut 1/2"UNC-13 nut
5P8245   1/2"  washer
4F3664 5/8"UNC-11X1-1/2" Plow bolt
4F3653 5/8"UNC-11X1-3/4" Plow bolt
4F3654 5/8"UNC-11X2" Plow bolt
3F5108 5/8"UNC-11X2-1/4" Plow bolt
4F3656 5/8"UNC-11X2-1/2" Plow bolt
4F3657 5/8"UNC-11X2-3/4" Plow bolt
4F3658 5/8"UNC-11X3" Plow bolt
4F3665 5/8"UNC-11X3-1/2" Plow bolt
4F0391 5/8'UNC-11X3-3/4" Plow bolt
4F3671 5/8"UNC-11X4" Plow bolt
4K0367 5/8"UNC-11 nut
5P8247  flat washer 5/8" washer
4F3672 3/4"UNC-10X2" Plow bolt
4F7827 3/4"UNC-10X2-1/4" Plow bolt
5J4773 3/4"UNC-10X2-1/2" Plow bolt
5J4771 3/4"UNC-10X2-3/4" Plow bolt
4F0138 3/4"UNC-10X3" Plow bolt
1J6762 3/4"UNC-10X3-1/4" Plow bolt
02090-1129 3/4"UNC-10X3-1/2 Plow bolt
5F8933 3/4"UNC-10X3-3/4" Plow bolt
1J0962 3/4'UNC-10X4" Plow bolt
4F0253 3/4"UNC-10X4-1/2" Plow bolt
02091-11220 3/4"UNC-10X5" Plow bolt
2J3506 3/4"UNC-10 nut
5P8248  3/4"  washer
5J4772 7/8"UNC-9X2-1/2 Plow bolt
6F0196 7/8"UNC-9X2-3/4 Plow bolt
5J2409 7/8"UNC-9X3" Plow bolt
8J2935 7/8"UNC-9X3-1/4" Plow bolt
2J2548 7/8"UNC-9X3-1/2 Plow bolt
02090-11483 7/8"UNC-9X3-3/4" Plow bolt
02090-11495 7/8"UNC-9X4" Plow bolt
2J5458 7/8"UNC-9X4-1/4" Plow bolt
1J0849 7/8"UNC-9X4-1/4" Plow bolt
175-71-11471 7/8"UNC-9X5" Plow bolt
2J3505 7/8"UNC-9 nut
5P8249  7/8"  washer
1J5607 1"UNC-8X2-3/4" Plow bolt
4F4042 1"UNC-8X3" Plow bolt
4J9058 1"UNC-8X3-1/4" Plow bolt
4J9208 1"UNC-8X3-1/2" Plow bolt
1J4948 1"UNC-8X3-3/4" Plow bolt
8J2928 / 5P8136 1"UNC-8X4" Plow bolt
1J3527 1"UNC-8X4-1/2" Plow bolt
1J2034 1"UNC-8X5" Plow bolt
195-71-11473 1"UNC-8X6-1/2" Plow bolt
2J3507 1"UNC-8 nut
5p8250  1"  washer
195-71-52320 1-1/8"UNC-7X3-3/4" Plow bolt
195-71-52330 1-1/8"UNC7X4-1/8" Plow bolt
4J5977 1-18"UNC-7 nut
3S1349  1-1/8"  washer
8T9079 1-1/4"UNC-7X3-1/4" Plow bolt
6V6535 1-1/4""UNC-7X3-3/4" Plow bolt
5P8823 1-1/4"UNC-7X4" Plow bolt
5P8823 1-1/4"UNC-7X4-1/8" Plow bolt
6V8360 1-1/4"UNC-7X4-1/2" Plow bolt
5P8361 1-1/4"UNC-7X5" Plow bolt
3K9770 1-1/4"UNC-7 nut
4K0684       1-1/4"  washer
198-71-21850 1-3/8"UNC-6X4-9/16" Plow bolt
198-71-21860 1-3/8"UNC-6X5-1/2" Plow bolt
198-71-21870 1-3/8"UNC-6X6-1/4" Plow bolt
198-71-21910 1-3/8"UNC-6 hex nut
 198-71-21890  1-3/8"  washer

Part number Measurement Description
8H7504 1/2"UNF-20X38 Track bolt
R24688 1/2"UNF-20X40 W Track bolt
2A3223 1/2"UNF-20X47 Track bolt
4K7038 9/16"UNF-18X42 Track bolt
7H3596  CR429 9/16"UNF-18X51 Track bolt
5P4684  CR3623 9/16"UNF-18x73 Track bolt
5A3187 9/16"unf-18x76 Track bolt
CR3707  8U2703 5/8"UNF-18x46 Track bolt
7H3597 5/8"unf-18x51 Track bolt
CR1251 5/8"unf-18x54 Track bolt
9G3110  AC226 5/8"unfx57B Track bolt
3T8601  CR4357 5/8"UNF-18x67 B Track bolt
9G8592  CR5573 5/8"unf-18x83 B Track bolt
5A4104  3P2274 5/8"unf-18x89 Track bolt
3T8580 5/8"unf-18x91 B Track bolt
7H3598   3/4"UNF-16X61 Track bolt
6V1792  CR4441 3/4"UNF-16X61  B Track bolt
1S8804 3/4"UNF-16x63 Track bolt
7F8619  CR331 3/4"UNF-16X70 Track bolt
1061642 3/4"UNF-16X75  B Track bolt
6V1793  CR4440 3/4"UNF-16X81  B Track bolt
CR5444  1070719 3/4"UNF-16X99  B Track bolt
5A7524  1D1295 3/4"UNF-16X102 Track bolt
9S1838  CR3326 3/4"UNF-16X105  B Track bolt
2P9670  CR3119 3/4"UNF-16X112 Track bolt
6T1441  CR4699 3/4"UNF-16X124.5  B Track bolt
7H3599  9M7444 7/8"UNF-14x67 B Track bolt
316910R1 7/8"UNF-14x76 Track bolt
7T2748 7/8"unf-14x85 B Track bolt
6V1723  CR4135 7/8"UNF-14x89 B Track bolt
6V1724  CR4132 7/8"UNF-14x95 B Track bolt
9W9058  CR4789 7/8"UNF-14x115 B Track bolt
8S0395  CR2709 7/8:UNF-14x121 B Track bolt
6V1725  CR4133 7/8"UNF-14x127 B Track bolt
2M5657  9M7445 1"UNF-14X75  B Track bolt
3T6308  CR4029 1"UNF-14X84  B Track bolt
6T2638  CR4670 1"UNF-14X90  B Track bolt
6V1726  CR4036 1"UNF-14X101 B Track bolt
6V1727  CR3858 1"UNF-14x110 B Track bolt
7T2283  CR4669 1"UNF-14x123 B Track bolt
8S1723  CR2669 1"UNF-14x141 B Track bolt
6V1728  CR3859 1"UNF-14x148 B Track bolt
7T1000 1-1/8"UNF-12X96  B Track bolt
5P3968 1 1/8"unf-12X107 B Track bolt
7T0999 1-1/8"UNF-12x134 B Track bolt
7T0998 1-1/8"UNF-12x164 B Track bolt
6T8853 1 3/8"UNF-12x110 Track bolt
6I8648 1-3/8"unf-12x121 Track bolt
6T8521  CR5640 1-3/8"unf-12x153 Track bolt
6T8520  CR5639 1-3/8"unf-12x184 Track bolt
101-32-11210 M12X1.5X40 Track bolt
205-32-21210 M14X1.5X45 Track bolt
203-32-21220 M14X1.5X56 Track bolt
205-32-51120 M16X1.5X50 Track bolt
79039443 M18X1.5X55F Track bolt
79004259 M18X1.5X60 Track bolt
9W3619 M20X1.5X55D Track bolt
79035814 M20X1.5X62F Track bolt
6Y0846 M20X1.5X63 Track bolt
71401192 M20X1.5X65F Track bolt
207-32-51210 M22X1.5X56F Track bolt
71428357 M22X1.5X62F Track bolt
6Y9024 M22X1.5X67D Track bolt
76007851 M22X1.5X70F Track bolt
208-32-51210 M24X1.5X65F Track bolt
21M-32-11260 M24X1.5X72 Track bolt
175-35-11210 M24X1.5X78 Track bolt
195-32-11210 M27X1.5X82 Track bolt
6Y7432 M27X1.5X90 Track bolt
195-32-41210 M27x2.0x93 Track bolt



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