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5849-V23 Super V 1-1/2 Bottom Leg Adapter

5849-V23 Super V 1-1/2 Bottom Leg Adapter
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  • 5849-V23

Product Description

Part Number: 5849-V23

Material: Alloy steel

Weight: 5.8 kgs

Correspondent Flex Locking Pin: V23PN

Correspondent Pin Removal Tool: V13-V33RT

Weld-on Nose: WN-V23

Super V V23 Series Teeth

Abrasion Penertration Loader Non-centerline Point: V23AD

Abrasion Rock Non-centerline Point: V23AR

Penertration Abrasion Centerline Point: V23SHV

Excavator Long Centerline Point: V23SYL

Flared 5" Centerline Point: V23S5F

Twin Tiger Non-centerline Point: V23TVY

General Purpose Non-centerline Point: V23TY

Non Twist General Purpose Non-centerline Point: V23TYCE

Tiger Non-centerline Point: V23VY

Super V V23 Series Adapters

Bolt-on Center Adapter: 3768A-V23

Excavator Adapter: 3808-V23

Excavator Adapter: 3870-V23

Excavator Adapter: 3880-V23

Auger Clamshell Adapter: 3895-V23

Bolt-on Center Adapter: 4798-V23

Bolt-on Center Adapter: 5734A-V23

Bolt-on Corner Adapter: 5763L-V23

Bolt-on Corner Adapter: 5763R-V23

Bolt-on Center Adapter: 5764-V23

Bolt-on Corner Adapter: 5765L-V23

Bolt-on Corner Adapter: 5765R-V23

Bolt-on Corner Adapter: 5774A-V23

1-1/2 Bottom Leg Adapter: 5849-V23

Bolt-on Corner Adapter: 7705L-V23

Bolt-on Corner Adapter: 7705R-V23

Bolt-on Center Adapter: 7706-V23

Bolt-on Corner Adapter: 8704-V23

Bolt-on Center Adapter: 8705-V23

Loader Adapter: 8803-V23

Excavator Adapter: 8823-V23

Loader Adapter: 8830-V23

Loader Adapter: 8834-V23

Loader Adapter: 8835-V23

Adapter: V23Z-30

Material: Alloy steel

Chemical component: Carbon, Silcon, Manganese, Sulfur, Phosphorous, Chrome, Molybdenum, Nickel


Hardness: 45~55HRC

Impact: 8~25J


Hardness: 25~35HRC

Impact: > 15J

Casting Type: Fine Casting / Sand Casting / Film Covering Sand Mold

Heat Treatment: Normalising, Quenching, Tempering

The Maintenance of Bucket Teeth & Adapters (Ground Engaging Tools)

When the bucket teeth contact the material surface, because of the fast speed, the tip of the bucket teeth will be subjected to a strong impact load. If the yield strength of bucket tooth material is low, plastic deformation will occur at the tip. With the increase of excavating depth, the pressure on the bucket teeth will change.

The excavator/loader bucket control is the key to utilize the bucket teeth. The operator should try not to retract the bucket when lifting the boom. The operator should pay attention to the coordination of actions. Some of them throw the bucket on the rock during the action of expanding the arm, this will break the arms & cracks will occur on the bucket teeth.

In the daily maintenance, please spend 2 minutes to examine the bucket. The key point is to check if the bucket wears equally & any cracks has been occurred. If the status is horrible, you should carry out structural reinforcement immediately. If there is a crack in the bucket body, welding repair should be carried out immediately to prevent the increase in the length of the crack. In addition, you have to check the fitness of bucket teeth. If the teeth are loose, they should be tightened right away.

Before the bucket teeth reaches their service life, built-up welding is required. By the way, no bucket tooth made of a certain material can be applied to every kinds of work conditions, the teeth should be reasonably selected based on different work conditions to avoid unnecessary abrasion.

The bucket teeth on both sides of the excavator are worn about 30% faster than those in the middle. The bucket teeth on both sides and in the middle can be interchanged for further use, so as to reduce the repairs times and indirectly increase the service life of the bucket teeth.

It is recommended to replace the adapter after 10% of worn. There is a large gap between the worn gear base and the bucket teeth. The bucket teeth are easy to break due to the change of the stress point.

When you leave bucket teeth to wear down for too long, the moving range of excavator bucket will increase dramatically, and your excavator will take far longer to complete tasks and will use more fuel too. Dull bucket teeth will result in greater percussive shock to be transmitted via the bucket to the digging arm and undercarriage of the machine. This can result in damage to the equipment and accelerated wear to the other undercarriage components. It is necessary to immediately remove and replace the new bucket teeth.



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